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DualVox Accesories, headset and Interphone

Ref: AccesoriosDualVox (Only for use with DualVox Products)

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Optional accessories to obtain improvements in protection and use of the equipment.

* Headbands for LTC.

* Rain shield (Protector for LTR).

* Interphone (LTC).

* Mic Hard Cover (LTG Gooseneck Microphone Booster).


They facilitate the communication of the internal user in circumstances in which it cannot be a short distance from the microphone of the internal module.

* Wired Headset Plantronics SP11.

* Wireless Headset Plantronics CS540-XD.


Accessory for private communication between the official and the client.

DualVox Accesories - Interphone

Access for private communication between official and client.

Compatible with LTC and LTE products.

Ideal for low noise areas where private attention is required, such as customer service offices, embassies and money exchange offices.

DualVox Accesories - Headset

-Available in monaural (1 hearing aid) and binaural (2 hearing aids) models.

-Microphone with noise cancellation technology to minimize ambient sound and obtain greater clarity in communication.

-Flexible headband with adjustable design for maximum comfort.

-Direct connection (Plug & Play).

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