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Deluxe Intercom for window mounting for medium traffic environments

Ref: LTC-06

3 years Warranty *Restrictions Apply

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Intercom designed for areas with medium ambient noise such as offices, projecting an excellent corporate image thanks to its elegant presentation with aluminum and steel finishes.

It consists of an internal desktop unit and an easy-to-install external speaker that does not require glass or partitions drilling.

Includes tube (30cm), aluminum cable gland and power adapter.


* Window and partitions mounting without glass drilling.

* RJ9 connector for optional use with headband (not included with the product).

* Sound alarm for emergencies.

* Internal, external volume control and mute function.

* Audio processor that enhances clarity in communication with natural voice sound.


* 3-position selector to calibrate the sensitivity of the internal microphone.

* Automatic internal volume attenuation function after 30 seconds of inactivity. The volume level is restored when voice is detected again in the internal microphone.

* Possibility of manual use for more privacy: open the channel every time you want to start the communication by pressing PTT.


*The internal unit has a power, mute, audio direction indicator (from the outside in or out. The priority is the internal microphone), on / off switch, mute button and volume controls. Desktop location for easy accommodation and user use.

*The external unit has more power for ambient noise and has a speaker and microphone.

Internal Unit Dimensions

-Goose-neck Microphone60cm

External Unit Dimensions


Adapter 110/220Vac to 12VDC. Included in all products DUAL VOX.

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