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Audio System Scalable Up to 99 Zones

Ref: 1VOX4U-P04

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1VOX-4U P04

It is an audio distribution system for voicemail, automated messages, ambient music and directed evacuations.

The system allows audios to be broadcast to specific areas or in groups through IP communication, from 1 scalable zone to 99 zones.

For administrative and industrial use in companies, allowing to efficiently locate personnel and optimize internal processes.


* Easy to locate personnel by direct chat.

* Administration from any computer of the company or institution.

* Automation of informational messages for users.

* Quick to issue emergency or alert messages.

* Use of the LAN network without additional wiring.


The system is centralized in the LAN through a Rack or Console module, which synchronizes information, audios and configuration with the other modules.

In each independent zone there is an Audio module that will reproduce the voices and messages according to the preset configuration.

If a zone covers a very wide area it is possible to increase the number of speakers by means of remote amplifiers cascaded to the Audio module.


*Easy message and zone management from the web application embedded in the console module within the LAN.

*Chaining of simultaneous programmed messages and voices of different microphones.

*Communication management to different established areas.

*Possibility of grouping zones for voicemail and / or playing prerecorded messages.

*Secure access to the application, restricted by users and passwords preset in the general settings.


It is the main module of the system (Zone 1), which has embedded the web application in which the entire system is configured.

*It allows the connection of a handheld microphone, an analog input from a telephone plant with 3.5mm plug and allows to connect speakers according to the output power of the module.

*Module 0W - it has no power output, allowing to connect directly to an external amplifier through an audio cable with 3.5mm plugs

60W module - It has an integrated 30W power amplifier that allows connecting from 1 to 4 speakers of 8Ω without line transformer (15Watts per speaker).

250W module - It has an integrated 250W amplifier that allows to connect up to 8 speakers from 30W to 8Ω with line transformer.


*It is a secondary module that allows to expand the number of zones within an establishment by assigning an IP address within the local network.

*It allows the connection of a zone microphone, one (1) emergency button and has two (2) dry contact switch type outputs for auxiliary loads such as a red emergency light.

*Allows connection of 1 to 4 speakers of 8Ω for the 60W module and 8 speakers of 30W to 8Ω with line transformer.


This module allows you to voice over IP to one or more grouped zones programmed directly from the management software to the microphone.


This software allows you to voice from a computer to one or several areas selected on the screen using the microphone connected to the computer. (Laptop or desktop microphone).

* NOTE1: The computer must be in the LAN network of the P04 system.

* NOTE2: The computer microphone does not come with the software.


The RA-02 is an amplifier that allows you to expand the audio signal of any of the IP modules increasing the sound coverage by placing more speakers within the same zone.

By connecting several amplifiers in cascade you can sound large areas.


Electrical and Network Features

-Power Supply110Vac~60Hz
-Output PowerRack 0Watts,60Watts,250Watts
Wall anchor 0W/60W/150W/250W
-ConnectionEthernet network 100Mbps
-Maximum consumption.Rack 1A, Wall anchor 2A/5A/10A


-Rack 0W-60W49X4.4X21cm.
-Wall anchor30X4.4X21cm.
-Módulo 250W42.3x32.3x10cm.(Rack 48.3x26.2x10cm)

Electric Features

-Power Supply110Vac~60Hz
-Output PowerRack 60Watts, Wall Mount 60W/150W/250W
-Max. Consumption.Rack 2A, Wall Mount 2A/5A/10A


-Wall Mount30X4.4X21cm.

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