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2-way communication from the inside of your cabin to the outside at 50Watts

Ref: PW-50v5

2-way communication from the inside of your cabin to the outside at 50Watts

Robust intercommunication and siren systems, easy to install and completely hidden.The perfect complement to take the most advantage of the armoring. Helps to neutralize potential threats and ensure a secure communication channel with the outside without opening any doors or windows.

Furthermore, it allows the user to alert and make way through the traffic, thus securing escape routes in threatening situations.


* Digital control keypad with backlight. Ergonomic and discreet.

* Smart electronic auto-shutdown.

* Suppressor to prevent audio feedback.

* Hidden installation that does not affect the original aesthetics of the vehicle.

* Automatic volume calibration.

* Compact and waterproof external speaker.

APPLICATIONS:Armored vehicles.


VAA (Volume Auto Adjustment) Technology: Automatically adjusts the external maximum volume according to the level of acoustic isolation of the vehicle.*

AFC (Automatic Feedback Control) Suppressor: Automatically detects and prevents acoustic feedback when a door or window is opened.*

ASD (Automatic Shut Down) Technology: Electronic auto shutdown function to prevent battery discharge, thus avoiding the need to connect the equipment to accessories.*

Communication with the outside according to the situation*:
High Power: P.A. to make way through the traffic.
Low Power: Hold a private communication with someone in the outside.

Intercom’s auto shut off function after 5 minutes of inactivity.*

*Technologies developed by B&G Electronics


Backlit digital control keypad with integrated microphone.

7 Official siren tones:
• 4 Selectable continuous sirens (PHASER, YELP, WAIL, Hi-Lo)
• 1 Manual WAIL
• 2 Selectable manual HORN sounds (B&G HORN, Standard HORN)

Stereo internal sound.

Allows to disable the siren functions if necessary.

Auxiliary output: Allows the user to connect a light set and control it from the keyboard.

The equipment remains operational while the vehicle is off.

-Power Output RMS46W (One 50W Loudspeaker)
-Maximum current consumption4A
-Stand-by consumption<25mA
-Input Voltage11.5V-14,8V
-External Microphones2 (Mono internal sound)
-Control of an auxiliary loadYes
-Harmonic distortion<1%
-Electronic unit dimensions12.5cm / 10.9cm / 3.7cm
-External loudspeaker dimensions13.3cm / 11.3cm / 9.5cm
-Control keypad dimensions5.4cm / 2.45cm / 0.85 cm

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