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Professional Lights

Ref: Traffic Lamp A/S

Official Emergency Lights

Set of high reach flashing white LED signal lights to alert and warn others in case of emergency, designed for all types of vehicle.
2 in 1 white lights as they have dual function as signaling and as explorers.


Repels the attacker.

Warn other drivers on the road.

Open step on the road.


In-grille lights are weather resistant.

Bright 3rd generation LEDs.

600 F.P.M.

Adjustable position, mobile base.

Easy to locate and mount in tight places..

White color light.

Automatic color sequence.

Automatic function with B&G P.A. and sirens.

Tech Features

-Output Power6W/Lamp
-Ilumination Effects1
-Input Voltage12V
-DimensionsW:5,314in L:1,93in H:2,56in

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