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Deluxe Intercom with Headset

Ref: LTH

Deluxe Intercom with Headset LTH

The LTH intercom is a headset operated costumer service intercom that allows uninterrupted communication comfortably and completely hands-free.


-It includes aluminum tube and grommet to protect the wiring.

-RJ9 connector type and 3.5 mm for headset.

-Auto Mute system: In period of inactivity on the internal microphone, the internal unit is muted.

-Function "Mute" for internal privacy.

-Bidirectional communication Fullduplex/Halfduplex.

-“Noise Reduction” technology (Enhances the sound of the voice in noisy environments).

-Audible alarm for emergency.


-Exchange offices, drug stores, banks, etc.

Internal Unit Dimensions


External Unit Dimensions


Adapter 110/220Vac to 12VDC. Included in all products DUAL VOX.

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