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Intercom with elegant design for window installation for high traffic environments

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Intercom with elegant design for window installation

Intercom for glass mounting in high traffic environments, where the security and noise conditions makes difficult the communication.

Given its sleek design, it allows you use it while keeping your workspace free.


-Audio quality and power (3 internal Watts and 5 External watts) to places of high ambient noise

-Perfect communication between the user and the internal microphone, allowing, allowing tallk at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from the microphone. Thereby ensuring the proper hygiene conditions for the microphone and reducing exposures to diseases.

-Anti-vandalism - Made of aluminum and steel, electrical wiring protected users and audible alarm.

-audible alarm for emergency

-Possibility of connection to the system of Digital Audio Recording (D.A.R).

-Keeps the workspace free, because the installation is done in the glass.

-Designed for mounting with or without drilling glass.

-Two optional measures gooseneck microphone according to the user's location

-Internal and External volume control.

-intelligent digital processor for audio control.

-Internal goose neck microphone.

-Harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 1%.

-Frequency response for speech intelligibility.

-Smart technology that enhances the sound of the voice.

-"Mute" function.

-Includes pasacable aluminum tube (30cm).

-Calibration of internal microphone sensitivity.

-Automatic dimming function (after one minute of inability the intercom automatically lowers the volume by avoiding external noise).


Ticket Offices with large crowds and heavy work: cinemas, parks, museums, transportation terminals, parking lots, hospitals, etc.

Internal Unit Dimensions

-Goose-neck Microphone27in

External Unit Dimensions


Adapter 110/220Vac to 12VDC. Included in all products DUAL VOX.

Goose-neck Microphone lenght options:17,3228in or 23,2283in.

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