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Deluxe Intercom for window mounting for medium traffic environments

Ref: LTC

Glass Intercom for offices

The LTC intercom is designed to project an excellent corporate image, thanks to its advanced technology and elegant presentation. Ideal for office environments, easy installation, does not require drilling in glass.


-Perfect communication between the user and the internal microphone, allowing talk distance of 10-15 centimeters from the microphone. Thereby ensuring the proper hygiene conditions for the microphone and reducing exposures to diseases.

-3 phase setting the microphone sensitivity depending on the level of internal noise.

-It includes grommet in aluminum tube (11,811in).

-RJ9 connector for headset.

-Auto Mute System: In periods of inactivity, the internal microphone is muted.

-Sophisticated design in aluminum and steel.

-Internal and external volume control.

-Internal Goose-neck microphone.

-Function "Mute" for internal privacy.

-Technology "Noise Reduction" (enhances the sound of the voice in noisy environments).

-Audible alarm for emergency.


-Windows discrete atmosphere indoors with low noise, banks, exchange houses, embassies, receptions, notaries, casinos and others.

Internal Unit Dimensions

-Goose-neck Microphone23,2283in

External Unit Dimensions


Adapter 110/220Vac to 12VDC. Included in all products DUAL VOX.

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