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Conversations Digital Audio Recorder

Ref: DAR

Conversations Digital Recorder

D.A.R. (Digital Audio Recorder) is a device that complements the implementation of DUALVOX. Allows record conversations automatically since one intercom up to four intercoms. It has the ability to receive, process and record conversations running a digital audio processing for higher quality recordings. Stores talks for 120 continuous hours before starting to overwrite. 7/24 records conversations even with the power off.


-It has the ability to receive process and record conversations with high sound quality.

-Simultaneous recording of 4 audio channels.

-It includes software to remotely access the hard disk solid state DAR, listen to audio recordings and download a copy of the recording locally.

-The software allows you to filter search by intercom, date and time of the recordings.

-Especial for monitoring in after sales service.

-Ideal item as evidence and complaints.

-Cost reduction for errors and misunderstandings.

-Disclose successful practices and eliminate poor practices in service.

-Access to the records through IP.


-Recording with desktop microphone.

-Recording through B&G Dual Vox Intercoms.

Electronic Unit Dimensions


Technical Features

-Memory Capacity32GB of memory

110/220Vac Adapter to 12VDC. Included in all products DUAL VOX.

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